Protein powder jar manufacturer in China

Made from high quality HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), this plastic bottle is ideal for packaging protein whey powders and nutraceuticals.The screw cap with aluminum seal provides a secure closure that makes it easy to open and close and ensures that your product stays fresh and free from contamination.

    • High-quality materials
    • Strong sealing
    • Screw-cap design
    • durable conservation
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Gracepack protein powder jar

Canned packaging keeps the powder fresher for longer and it is easy to scoop the desired amount of powder from the can or bottle. Canned packaging is usually more affordable than other protein powder packaging. A well-sealed protein powder storage container helps keep the powder dry and prevents moisture from entering. It also protects the powder from light, which can reduce the quality of the protein. By keeping these three factors out, a well-sealed container can help extend the shelf life of protein powder.

White hdpe protein powder canister, large capacity, custom labeling service available

Smooth finish black protein powder jar

430ml small capacity protein powder canister, very convenient to carry

1000ml protein powder jar

1000ml protein powder canisters, custom colors accepted

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