Commitment to Providing Quality Plastic Bottle and Jar Packaging Solution

When manufacturing our plastic bottles and jars, we consider all the production measures to ensure the highest quality. Gracepack uses new technology and investment processes to ensure quality assurance. We also established mutual AQLs with our customers.

Fully Certified Production Process

At Gracepack, we make sure to comply different international standards for quality and safety including:

  • ISO22000 Certificate
  • BPA Free Certificate
  • ISO9001 Certificate
  • SABER Factory Audit Certificate
  • FDA Approved
  • ISO Standards Certified
Fully Certified Production Process
Quality Manufacturing and Processing

Quality Manufacturing and Processing

  • Raw materials that are FDA approved
  • Complied to different specifications through rigid manufacturing
  • Documented training programs to monitor quality procedures
  • Well-maintained, high-tech, and efficient equipment
  • First piece approval and in-process inspection

Advanced Inspection and Testing Equipment

  • Leak detection system
  • Opacity sensors
  • Metal detection test
  • Vision testing system
Advanced Inspection and Testing Equipment
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