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  • Refillable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Custom shape and colors
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Product Description

Refillable plastic bottles are usually consists of a reusable bottle body, lid/pump, so it can used multiple time. Comparing with single-use containers, refillable plastic bottles are more eco-friendly, regular refillable plastic bottles you can find in the market are refillable plastic spray bottles, refillable plastic cream tubes,etc.

Gracepack is always paying great attention to environment protection, refillable plastic bottles are one of the good solutions to achieve this goal, we use food grade and recyclable material to produce the containers with custom shapes and colors the clients needs.

Why Choose us?

Gracepack is offering one-stop solution in refillable plastic bottles, we can help you design, sample making, manufacturing, packing design and door to door shipping with excellent service quality. We have the full certificate of the food contact safety and cosmetic contact safety standards.

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