Gracepack Spice Bottles Bulk

  • PET Bottle PP cap
  • Over 30+years of experience
  • Food grade certified
  • Cuostom size and color,offer idea to draw pic. Make 3D samples
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Gracepack Spice Bottles Bulk

Gracepack Spice bottle bulk used for Various seasonings ,like Salt,pepper,gourmet p owder,chilli,wild pepper and so on. We use Raw material 100% PET clearly to produce bottle ,100% raw material of PP to produce cap,and all of our material have been passed food grade certified.So as food packing ,it is very safe and healthy!

has cylinder desgin round jar with pp lid can store different food ,such as black pepper,hot pepper,refined sugar,iodized salt. After packing ,we will offer you aluminium foil to seal the jar, it is a good seal keeps food in its best condition.

also can match grinder cap ,it is a unique desgin concept. There is a three mold to compose it,the material is also different, it will use ABS,PS,PC. Spice bottle bulk with grinder cap can pack Sichuan pepper,soybean,Cumin,Anise and so on.

is a multi-purpose seasoning poweder jar.there is four independent boxes forma jar, and it have four opening apertures of different desgins.we can pack four different spice powder ,it will be most easy for us to take it when we go on a picnic or travel.

Spice Bottle Bulk

is PE material ,it is very soft and easier to squeeze bottle.regarding cap ,it can adjust holes, we can contral spice powder capacity and sprinkle the powder evenly.The bottle with srcrew thread ,this desgin can keep airtight well,it can keep long time to avoid Moisture and leak-proof.

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