square plastic jars wholesale

Egrace manufacture high quality square plastic products, including a full line of customized beverage bottles, cosmetic bottles spice bottles and more. Now you can get all of these products and have them private labeled with your brand and design.

  • 1.finest quality ingredients 
  • 2.market leading prices
  • 3.Appreciate every customer
  • 4.The customer is always right
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square plastic jars

We have rapidly developed into a leading supplier of plastic bottles in China. Our rapid rise is directly correlated to our strong focus on exceptional quality and superior customer service. This commitment has allowed us to build relationships with millions of customers who trust us as a partner!

In addition to our complete line of plastic bottles, we have expanded our product offerings to provide a complete line of labelable, silk-screened products, and a variety of customized products.

Square juice jars are by far our most popular shape, and we can also provide labeling and customization services that you can use to hold different colors of juice

Flavor bottles are usually round in shape, but with the development of the times square bottles are also becoming more and more popular, stickers will also be very beautiful!

Large-capacity PET jars usually have a square design that’s easy to access and put away.

Cosmetic Square jars

In the cosmetic bottle industry, square jars will be very design, the bottle can also be made in a variety of colors to adapt to different sets and play different roles

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