Square Plastic Bottles

We have a wide range of square plastic bottles, we are here to help you learn more about the packaging of your products, if you need to label and other customization we will be very welcome!

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Square plastic manufacturer

Square shaped bottles are popular in all countries because they are aesthetically pleasing and therefore popular in the retail marketplace.

For customized square bottles, we can customize them in terms of the size and height of the mouth of the bottle, we have BPA and FDA free.

PET square bottles are usually widely used in the beverage bottle industry, PET material can be very transparent, easy to dispense a variety of liquids..

PE square bottles are usually used for shampoo and shower gel and the capacity will be relatively large, very common in daily life, also divided into HDPE and LDPE.

Acrylic square bottles are most commonly used in cosmetic bottles, because the acrylic material is very good transparency and good coloring, so it is very popular in the beauty industry!

PP Square Bottles

PP material square bottle is mainly functional, because PP material is resistant to high temperature and not easy to corrode, a lot of need to hot water or refrigerated food will be used .

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