Squeeze tube supplier

Gracepack Squeeze Tubes , Whether you need extruded tubing for cosmetics or for paints and industrial products, we can customize the perfect extruded tube for your product.

  • Soft Touching
  • Easy Squeeze
  • Silk& Label Support
  • Variety of styles

Squeeze tube supplier

The right cream hose is obviously important because you want your cream to be long lasting and effective before someone buys it. In general, plastic bottles and plastic packaging offer a lot of protection for packaged items. Flip tops, screw tops or ball caps all have their own benefits for packaging.

No matter what kind of cosmetic squeeze tube we can customize the perfect squeeze tube for your product.

Screw caps are the most common type of cap and can be used for a variety of purposes. They are simple but aesthetically pleasing and are usually sold with a pressure sensitive seal.

Flip-cap lids are very popular in the beauty industry, and the tubes can be opened with one hand, making it very easy to use,so if you are a factory produce the hand stream,it’s a best choice.

If you are a factory that makes eye creams and serums and you only want to make the product available in small areas, then this sharp lid is the best solution!

Tubes with roll ball head lids

The roller ball head, a very innovative product that not only applies creams but also massages, is a favourite in the skincare industry!

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