Sugarcane Plastic Bottles Manufacturer-Gracepack

  • Biodegradable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Custom shape and size
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Product Description

Sugarcane plastic bottles are packages made of sugar cane, which is biodegradable, BPA free and sustainable plastic compared with petro-chem plastics. You can customize different bottle shapes,colors and sizes with Sugarcane plastic material. They can be used to produce cosmetic packages, beverage and food packages, etc.

Gracepack is always focusing on the sustainable materials trend in the packaging industry, we have abundant experience in manufacturing packages using eco-friendly plastic materials, such as PLA, Sugarcane Plastic, PCR plastics,etc.

Why Choose us?

Gracepack is pioneer in sugarcane plastic bottles, jars and takeaway food containers, we can offer you free sample for checking quality. Also we can send containers to SGS for food grade test, according to your requirements.

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