Take Out Containers

Gracepack manufactures many kinds of takeout containers which are major for food packaging. We can offer customization basing on our customer’s business requirements.

  • Safety material
  • High quality control
  • Customized sizes and shapes
  • Fast Delivery

Product Description

Takeout containers are usually made of PP, PET and straw material . We make it in different size, shape and color. The most important is all materials are food grade.

Gracepack is a professional plastic containers manufacturer in China who has more than 20 years production experience. Our manufacturing standard and quality inspection systems are at international level.

Designed for hot food and it’s microwave safe.

Made of PET Food Safety material

Good choice for soup and salad storage

Rectangle Kraft Paper Microwavable Take Out Containers

They are greaseproof to prevent oily stains and maintain their premium look.

Square ECO-friendly Take Out Food Containers

Disposable and flip top closure type

3 Compartment Food Containers In Available

PP material, high temperature resistant, good for restaurant

Why Choose us?

Gracepack is a one-stop food packaging solution provider that combines self-owned products and A-class partners across China and Oversea to rich packaging solutions for all different brand positioning and budget with quick service.

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