Vintage old spice bottle in Market

  • Elegant and unpretentious
  • Use a relatively heavy material
  • lasting use
  • health and environmental protection
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Vintage old spice bottle

Vintage old spice bottle were also popular in the market . Suitable for use in the slow pace of life and high-end hotel restaurants, pay attention to product details and quality of life.

Rubber Vintage old spice bottle with ceramic inner core, natural rubber. Overall build, durable, no paint inside. Large aperture is easy to fill, and the storage capacity of the bottle is large.

Solid wood material Vintage old spice bottle use solid wood material, environmental protection and green, very healthy food concept. Can be used bad, reduce the waste of materials.

Vintage glass old spice bottle is a light luxury style with a stainless steel lid . Different shapes have different patterns.

Food stainless Vintage old spice bottle

Food stainless Vintage old spice bottle use steel material, the use of more assured, durable not easy to rust, health. Enhanced qualitative, pressure resistant, durable. Suitable for a variety of seasonings, strong sealing, moisture-proof.

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