Wide Mouth Plastic Jars Supplier

We provide convenient and durable wide mouth plastic jars that can be customized based on your needs. Depending on your products, we can initiate an elegant look or luxurious appearance of wide mouth plastic jars. We make sure to create solution and high-end packaging for your business and success.

  • Recyclable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Food Grade
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Wide Mouth Plastic Jars

Wide Mouth Plastic Jars are containers that has a large opening and straight walls. It can be on a larger or smaller size depending on the product you will put in it. There can be with or without liners before the cap and it comes normally with screw caps. The great stability of the plastic jars is a convenience that not easily tilt because of its bottom that is uniform with the body. It is often used in cosmetics industry because of its elegant and high-end look in smaller sizes. It is also good for food storage since the material we use is standard food grade.

We manufacture an eco-friendly wide mouth plastic jar that is very useful and can be recycled because of its durability and very versatile since it is a food grade material. We can customize the plastic jars for your business need by its shape, size, capacity, caps and label printing.

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May differ in color but still can see through the inside. It has screw cap that is for leak proof and can also customize with liner or not depending on your product.

The screw cap of this slender body but wide mouth has a strong sealing performance that fits the bottle body well. It is suitable for powder and cream cosmetic.

It has a neck finish with good impact and chemical resistant. It is very elegant in appearance and choose different lid color that will match your product.

White tall wide mouth plastic jars

This is more suitable for sediment, soil and some sludge slumping. It is mostly tall for more capacity storage and very durable and impact resistant protecting the product inside.

Round wide-mouth plastic jars

This is commonly seen in laboratory specimens. It is a tough plastic and chemical-resistant plastic suitable for liquid specimens. The body is natural white which is somewhat unclear.

Black wide-mouth plastic jars

The aspects of this black wide-mouth plastic jar is very detailed as it is in a screw cap. It has sleek features that are shiny and smooth finish presenting an elegant way of your product.

Wide Mouth Plastic Jars

Chemical Resistant

The plastic materials are BPA free and nontoxic making sure that it passed the quality production for chemical resistant material.

Food Grade

The wide mouth plastic jars can also be a storage for food because it is food grade and BPA free that follows FDA protocol.


The plastic materials are 100% virgin plastic so it is fresh from the molding process and can maintain the high durability and elasticity of the material


The screw neck and screw caps match with each other that can have liners for dual sealing and leakage free.

Our Materials for Wide Mouth Plastic Jars

We can provide a variety of wide mouth plastic jars made from different materials such as:

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET
  • HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene
  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Polypropylene or PP

The caps can also be ordered with the wide mouth plastic jars.

Wide Mouth Plastic Jars Applications

  • The elegance of the wide mouth plastic jars that can be used with:
    • Powder cosmetics products
    • Facial creams
    • Ointment
    • Conditioner
    • Scrubs
    • Tablets/Capsules
    • Kid’s Slime
    • Sunscreen Cream
    • Hair Dye
    • Storage and more

Wide Mouth Plastic Jars Features

We produce wide mouth plastic jars that are:

  • Elegant in appearance
  • Various sealing methods
  • Customized capacity
  • Food grade
  • Chemical resistant
  • Leak-Proof
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made of clear plastic
  • Great for a variety of uses

Wide Mouth Plastic Jar for Creativity on Product Packaging

Gracepack PET Preform
Your Trusted 300ml PET Bottle Supplier in China- Gracepack

We supply wide mouth plastic jars in different classic designs or elegant in appearance such as the color and sealing option. We have different sizes and capacity 2,4,6,8,10 or 12 and also in 1 gallon, 32-ounce, 16-ounce, 8-ounce depending on your organizational needs in the kitchen or pantry, counter top and/or other storage areas. Aside from food storage, it is also good storage for crafts and arts. The food grade material is maintained so you can apply it with any product. We can supply the large capacity requirement as we have a machine operation and fast production to sustain daily requirement.

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Wide Mouth Plastic Jars Options
  • Sizes
  • Shapes
  • Sealing ways
  • Colors
  • Materials
  • Boxes
  • Labels
  • Logo
  • Packaging designs
  • Styles

We can print your labels and logos in many different options for you:

  • Pad printing
  • Hot stamping
  • Shrink film
  • Silk screen printing
  • Heat transfer

The printing techniques we have are creative and will be perfect for the customization of your product.

Wide Mouth Plastic Jars in Different Industry

Cosmetics Wide Mouth Plastic Jars

It is widely familiar usage in cosmetics industry.

  • Elegant in design
  • For high-end powder and creams
  • Attractive appearance and color
Arts and Crafts Wide Mouth Plastic Jars

Keep your crafts and arts storage looks good when it’s about messy arts.

  • Durable plastics
  • Organize your crafts
  • Often used for slime, paints and more
Food on Wide Mouth Plastic Jars

Since the plastic materials are food grade, it is also perfect for organizing you candies and other food.

  • Resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Nontoxic and food grade
  • Can easily see the inside for transparent plastic jars
Medicine Wide Mouth Plastic Jars

A very unique way to get a medicine packaging in a wide mouth plastic jar.

  • Resistant to harsh chemicals
  • Nontoxic and food grade
  • For Tablets and capsules
The Reliable Wide Mouth Plastic Jars Supplier

We customize your wide mouth plastic jars on its size, capacity, color and design based on your preference. The quality of our wide mouth plastic jars is exquisite, durable, elegant and has a very good sealing for storage purposes. It has a large surface area that is easier to label or put logo. It is a good choice for your product, may it be for storage or organizational purposes.

  • “I bought this to store my little tiny things in arts, it’s very neat and clean now on my art room. I love the way I see through my crafts pieces.”

  • “I don’t want those breakable plastic jars because I have to buy over and over. Then I found this, it is very durable as I unpacked it after delivery. No damages at all.”

  • “Perfect for my candy packaging. I can sell it conveniently through these plastic jars. Fantastic!”

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